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Zaytoun Organic Maftoul Giant Couscous


Product Description

Maftoul or maftool (‘hand-rolled’) is a traditional Palestinian grain made from bulgur and whole wheat flour, and is like a larger or ‘giant’ couscous. In fact maftoul is often known as maftoul couscous. Women prepare it today just as their grandmothers have always done, working together to crack, hand-roll and dry the organic wheat in the Palestinian sun. Its firm texture and nutty flavour make it a delicious alternative to other grains.

Simmer 250g maftoul in 600ml stock until liquid is absorbed, or steam for 20 minutes. Makes a hearty base for salads or accompaniment to stews.

Ingredients: bulgur wheat, wholemeal wheat flour, salt, water. Contains gluten. Fairly traded and organically grown, purchased from farmer cooperatives. Packed in an environment where gluten, nuts and sesame seeds may be present. 


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