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Yuzu Miso


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Liven up white fish and green vegetables with this yuzu miso. Umami-rich fermented barley, fragrant & citrussy yuzu and a hint of nutty sesame come together in one flavourful paste. Dilute with a little rice vinegar for a salad dressing that bursts with flavour or spread over chicken before cooking for an easy, yet complex, glaze.

The yuzu miso also lends a welcome hit of flavour to tofu – coat chunks of firm tofu with the yuzu miso and grill until the tofu is warmed through and the miso has just started to blacken. Stir through hot green beans or broad beans for easy Asian-style accompaniments to main meals, or give salmon fillets a mouth-watering crust.

Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep refrigerated.

Ingredients: barley miso, sugar, yuzu, chirimen (dried baby sardines) (2.08%), soy sauce, sesame, alcohol, flavour enhancer (amino acids), sweetener (liquorice), colouring (vitamin B2). Contains allergens: gluten (barley), fish, soya, sesame.


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