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Yuzu Juice 1.8 litres


Product Description

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, likened to a wild mandarin orange crossed with a lemon. Komatsu yuzu juice is a huge catering-size 1.8 litre bottle, perfect for chefs or real yuzu addicts. Yuzu juice is used widely in cooking, salad dressings and fish and meat marinades.

This large yuzu juice contains a little salt to help preserve it once opened. Therefore it is perfect for savoury food, and savoury cocktails, but a touch of the salt may come through if you are using it in desserts. We often blend yuzu juice together with lemon juice – it goes a lot further, and the lemon highlights the citrus notes yet retains a very gentle floral note from the yuzu juice.

There is no Western equivalent to yuzu juice – so keep a bottle in your fridge for homemade condiments, vinaigrettes, fish marinades, a cheeky tequila-based cocktail or two. A little goes a long way!

A smaller 100ml bottle is also available.

Refrigerate after opening and keep for up to one year. Salt is added as a preservative. Ingredients: Yuzu citron (95%), salt.


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