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Whole Piquillo Peppers 3kg


Product Description

Piquillo peppers are small red Spanish peppers. Here they have been wood-roasted for a slightly smoky, intensely sweet flavour. The piquillo peppers are whole – ideal for stuffing with cream cheese or herbed rice for a quick starter or tapas dish. You can also blend the peppers for an easy soup base with great depth of flavour. Or slice thinly and use in salads with a good drizzle of olive oil – great for serving at a barbecue. This large 3kg tin contains 80-100 whole piquillo peppers, making it just the thing if you’re catering a large event.

Also available in store Sliced Piquillo Peppers 3kg.

Ingredients: piquillo peppers, water, salt, sugar, acidulant E330.


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