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White Fungus


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White fungus, also known as snow ear fungus, is an edible fungus that grows on various deciduous trees in Asia. White fungus is flavourless but has an unusual, slippery, crunchy, gelatinous texture once rehydrated.

Popular in Chinese cuisine and used in Chinese medecine for centuries, white fungus can be used in both sweet and savoury soups and well as stir-fries. Steamed pear and almond soup with white fungus is thought to nourish and moisturize the lungs and skin,  to quench thirst and expel phlegm.

To use, soak the white fungus in plenty of water (or stock) for half an hour – it will multiply in size and turn semi-transparent. Trim away the hard base of the fungus. Add to stir fries and soups.

Ingredients: white fungus, sulphur dioxide


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