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Virgin Toasted Sesame Oil


Product Description

La Tourangelle virgin toasted sesame oil has been hand selected from the best Japanese mills by France’s artisan oil producer La Tourangelle. The pure virgin sesame oil is made from 100% pure, roasted, ground, and pressed sesame seeds. The rich, exotic sesame flavours are used in Japanese, Korean and Chinese cooking.

The Japanese mill slowly roasts the sesame seeds using lower temperatures. The result is a lighter colored, more richly flavored oil with a subtle, toasted taste. The quality of sesame oil varies depending on the quality of the seeds, and the length and temperature of the toasting process. Most sesame oil in Europe is produced in China or Taiwan, yet Japanese craftsmanship is a favourite throughout Asia. La Tourangelle’s Japanese partner uses only the freshest, highest quality seeds that are painstakingly cleaned and slow toasted for the highest quality and best tasting sesame oil.

Ingredients: 100% sesame. Bottled in a factory handling dried fruits and sesame seeds.


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