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Vinegared Gochujang


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This form of Korean gochujang, known as “hot pepper paste for sushi” is a mixture of the famous Korean chilli paste – gochujang – mixed together with vinegar. The vinegared gochujang is served at the table in Korean restaurants – most often to accompany fish or sashimi.

The vinegar is mixed together with gochujang to make it a little easier to pour, and brings an acidic note that perfectly complements seafood. We love the vinegared red chilli sauce served with a squid bibimbap: garnish a bowl of warm rice with grated carrots, baby leaves, beansprouts, a fried egg, tobiko fish roe, and finely chopped sashimi grade squid or cooked squid, and toss together with the chilli sauce at the table.

Ingredients: Red pepper paste (glucose syrup, red pepper mixed seasoning, soybean, sugar, water, fermented vinegar, red pepper powder), garlic, roasted sesame, high fructose corn syrup, salt, antioxidant (lactic acid), stabiliser (xanthan gum), citric acid, yeast powder.


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