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Vietnamese Phu Quoc Fish Sauce


Product Description

Vietnamese Phu Quoc is the champagne of fish sauces – it is intense, and rich, and comes from perhaps the most famous region in Vietnam for fish sauce. The Phu Quoc fish sauce company was established in 1895, and has been supplying Vietnam with top quality Hung Thanh fish sauce ever since. The fame is partly due to the local sea water, rich in plankton and nutrients to nourish the growing anchovies.

The fish sauce is made from fresh raw anchovies caught just off Phu Quoc Island, which are then fermented in barrels for a year with salt to develop intense umami flavours, before being filtered and bottled. There are no other ingredients in the sauce. The percentage of anchovy is so high at 35%, compared to other fish sauces, that it is proudly stated on the bottle.

The Phu Quoc Vietnamese fish sauce is delicious when used in a Vietnamese Nuoc Cham, or Thai Nam Phrik Kapi dipping sauce. It’s also a great store cupboard ingredient for anyone who makes Thai green curry, pad Thai and even Caesar salad dressings.

Ingredients: Anchovy extract, salt. Contains fish. Salt and fish proteins may crystallise in the sauce during storage – this has no effect on the quality of the product.


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