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Valrhona Chocolatier’s Favourites Value Selection


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Cook from recipes by great patissiers and you will see Valrhona’s chocolates mentioned on every other page: whether Guanaja, Caraïbe or Ivoire. Valrhona’s chocolates are a favourite amongst chefs for their perfect balance and flavour complexity. Valrhona’s commitment to quality is so high that they tend their own cocoa plantations, seeking the perfect bean harvest. And Valrhona’s Ecole de Gran Chocolat is one of the most difficult schools to get a place at in France.

We have selected the five Valrhona chocolate products for the ultimate pâtissier’s larder:

  • Caraïbe 66% 1kg bag: A delicate balance between sweet and bitter, this is used in most Valrhona recipes as the base chocolate for chocolate truffles and desserts
  • Guanaja 70% 250g bar: Bittersweet and elegant chocolate – for when you need a little more cocoa intensity
  • Ivoire 35% 250g bar: Frequently voted the world’s best white chocolate, with its balance of fresh milk, cream, cocoa and sugar. Make exquisite white chocolate mousse and parfaits.
  • Valrhona cocoa powder: For rolling your Caraïbe chocolate truffles, dusting over desserts and adding depth to cakes and tortes
  • Valrhona praline paste: a smooth blend of caramel, Spanish almonds and Italian hazelnuts, add this praline paste to crème pâtissière for Paris Brest choux buns, fill truffles or create the pefect Louis XV desesrt

Offer: Save 15% when you buy all five together in this collection (price includes the discount). Products are £62.79 when purchased individually.


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