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Unsalted Raw Peanuts


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Unsalted raw peanuts are a key ingredient in many snacks across China. Keep the skins on the peanuts when you cook and eat them – the red peanut skin is important for both flavour and texture.

Lightly dampen the raw peanuts and then stir fry. As they start to change colour, toss with salt, drain and set aside for 20-30 minutes before devouring. Or for sweet-sour Beijing-style peanuts to eat as an appetiser, stir fry the peanuts in oil and then drain as before. In the same pan, reduce Chinese old vinegar together with a little sugar and soy until lightly syrupy, and add the peanuts back into the pan. Toss with coriander, spring onion and – if you like – fresh chilli. Serve.

Ingredients: peanuts


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