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Unripe Grape Juice (ab ghooreh)


Product Description

Unripe or ‘sour’ grape juice, ab-ghooreh in Persian,  is made from pressing young green grapes, to create a tart, acidic juice – similar to the French verjus, or British, South African and Australian verjuice, but less sweet and more astringent.

Sour grape juice is used in Middle Eastern cooking where it’s better known as ab-ghooreh or hosrum. In the Middle East it’s an alcohol-free way of introducing a distinctive sourness to Persian dishes – wonderful as a marinade for fish and in both vegetable and meat stews khoresht.

We also have verjuice available from Australia, which is slightly sweeter and more aromatic, used for deglazing pan and making sauces in European cooking.

Ingredients: sour grape juice, sodium metabisulfite (preservative)


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