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Toasted Black Sesame Seeds 45g


Product Description

Toasted black sesame seeds still have their husks on, giving them a dark colour, crunchier texture and stronger flavour than white sesame seeds. They come from the pods of sesame plants – the phrase “Open Sesame” referring to the moment that they burst open releasing the and release their seeds.

The seeds are pre-toasted to enhance the flavours, meaning they can be used straight from the packet without having to dry-roast them first.

Toasted black sesame seeds are used widely in Japanese cooking to bring colour, texture and flavour to dishes. Try sprinkling them on rice, using them for onigiri and ohitashi spinach. Also stud the black sesame seeds in bread rolls, and scatter over noodles or salads.

Ingredients: 100% black sesame seeds. Contains sesame.


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