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Thai Oyster Sauce


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Mae Krua Thai Oyster Sauce is a key ingredient in any Thai larder. Mae Krua is a premium brand of oyster sauce made from specially selected fresh oysters in Thailand.

Mae Krua Oyster Sauce’s high oyster content, velvety texture and deep brown colour add interest to stir-fried vegetables such as bok choy and Chinese broccoli ‘gai lahn’, as well as soups, marinades and sauces. Try using Mae Krua Oyster sauce along with kecap manis and sriracha sauce to make a tasty dipping sauce for Thai chicken wings, peek gai nam daeng.

Mae Krua Thai Oyster Sauce has grown in prestige in Thailand over the last 30 years. It has won a prestigious Shell Shuan Shim award, an accolade similar to Michelin stars but awarded to both restaurants and producers. The sauce is made by boiling oysters down to a pungent, thick syrup and seasoned with soy sauce.

Ingredients: Oyster extract (30%), sugar, salt, soyabean, wheat flour, corn starch, E211


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