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Terra Rossa Spicy Dukka


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Terra Rossa’s Spicy Dukka is the classic North African blend of roasted sesame and aromatic spices. The dukka – or dukkah – is perfect for sprinkling over hummus, salads, yoghurt and vegetables. Mixed with olive oil it makes a tasty dip for pitta bread. Try using the dukka to season chicken, lamb, potatoes, curries and even stir-fries. Or be adventurous and make your own flatbread – finish with a generous scatter of spicy dukka for an authentic Middle Eastern starter or snack.

Terra Rossa’s founder, Hanan Samara, has created a beautiful range of spices and sauces based on the Middle Eastern flavours from her childhood. Hanan was born in Iraq to Palestinian parents and exiled to the UK In 1969. Terra Rossa is the Latin name for ‘red soil’, and the Romans’ biblical name for the Levant area of the Middle East with its distinctive coloured earth – spreading across Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine.

Today Hanan travels to Jordan twice a year to meet with the master spice blender at her favourite spice market. They taste the spices together to ensure the flavours are consistent year round, adjusting the recipe a little every time. In a milder year, they might use a touch more of the stronger Palestinian za’atar or wild thyme. And in a different season, perhaps more of the milder Jordanian za’atar. Hanan then uses these spices to make Terra Rossa’s sauces in the UK, with flavours inspired by her heritage. The spice blends and sauces win Great Taste Awards year after year.

Ingredients: roasted sesame, wheat, coriander, soya oil, dill, sumac, caraway, red chilli, salt, citric acid. Contains allergens: sesame, wheat (gluten), soya.


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