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Tao Kae Noi Big Roll Hot & Spicy Flavour


Product Description

Tao Kae Noi’s Big Roll hot & spicy seaweed snacks provide spicy satisfaction on the go! The large sheets of seaweed are grilled and seasoned with a hot and smoky chilli powder. The sheets are then rolled and sealed in individual foil packets to preserve freshness and keep them perfectly crispy.

Each box contains 6 spicy seaweed rolls.

Caution! You may find yourself breathing in some of the seasoning as you take a bite – this gives a big burst of chilli heat straight away!

Ingredients: seaweed (95%), sugar (1.75%), smoked flavour powder (0.92%) (dextrose monohydrate, salt, tapioca flour, smoked flavour), hydrolysed soy protein (0.64%) (soybean, maltodextrin, salt, caramel: E150c), chilli powder (0.55%), salt (0.49%), flavour enhancer (0.45%) (sodium 5’ inosinate: E631, sodium 5’ guanylate: E627). Contains allergens: soya.


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