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Tantan Xiang – Chopped Salted Red Chilli


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Chopped salted red chillies are a condiment widely used in Chinese cooking. The crisp chopped red chillies are most famously served in the Hunanese dish duo jiao zheng yu, Hunanaese steamed fish with chillies – usually made with fish heads, but the recipes work just as well with whole steamed fish. Keep a small dish of the chopped crisp red chillies on the table as a condiment for almost any dish – a spoon in a bowl of ramen, or a little on top of silken tofu with sesame and soy for breakfast. Green chillies are also available.

Ingredients: Red chilli 55%, water, salt, garlic, cooking wine, flavour enhancer (E621, E627, E631), preservative (E202, E223), sweetener E952, acidity regulator E330. Contains sodium metabisulphite


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