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Tamarind & Date Sauce


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Tamarind and date sauce is a classic Indian condiment, a wonderful combination made by combining sour tamarind with sweet dates. In India the fruit of the tamarind tree is enjoyed in its own right and is also used in assorted forms to add a pleasant tang to dishes.

Tamarind and date sauce, flavoured with ginger and assorted spices, is a handy accompaniment to a variety of dishes, traditionally served with street foods such as bhel puri.

Serve it as a dipping sauce with samosas, pakoras or poppadoms, as a pre-dinner nibble with drinks, or stir it into natural yoghurt and serve it as a refreshing side with hot, spicy curries or grilled meats.

Ingredients: Water, tamarind (18%), date (9%), molases, salt, sugar, chilli, ginger, maize starch, mixed spice blend (contains colour: caramel), acidity regulator: citric acid, vinegar, preservative: soodium benzoate.


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