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Superior Mushroom Dark Soy Sauce


Product Description

Pearl River Bridge Superior mushroom dark soy sauce is one of the highest quality dark soy sauces exported from China. This dark soy sauce is naturally brewed in sunlight, and then stirred with mushroom extract for intense umami flavours with earthy depth. The mushroom soy sauce’s punchy flavour is popular drizzled over noodle dishes.

Pearl River Bridge (PRB) soy sauces are now so highly sought after in China, that the company has had to use their own holographic labels (you’ll see how they shine!) to prevent other brands being passed off as PRB. The mushroom dark soy sauce is even recommended in Fuchsia Dunlop’s book Land of Fish & Rice, about Jiangnan cuisine.

Ingredients: water, soybeans (24%), salt, sugar, wheat flour, extract of mushroom. Contains allergens: soy, wheat (gluten).


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