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Sundried Paprika D.O. Murcia – Picante


Product Description

This vibrant ‘picante’ paprika is made from hot red peppers that are left to dry naturally in the Murcian sun. The stalks and pith are removed before the sundried peppers are ground into powder to produce an intensely flavoured paprika. The sun-drying process gives this paprika a distinctly different flavour to smoked paprika – try adding to stews, marinades and spice rubs or sprinkle over fried potatoes for a spicy pepper kick. Also add to pasta sauces or season minced pork and make your own hot chorizo! The sundried paprika carries a Denomination of Origin (D.O.) from Murcia. The D.O. is only awarded to Spain’s finest producers of food & wine, and Murcian paprika in particular is known for its premium quality.

A dulce sundried paprika from Murcia is also available.

Ingredients: red peppers.


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