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Sultanbaci Cocoa Halva


Product Description

Sultanbaci cocoa halva makes a great accompaniment to a strong coffee after dinner. The sweetened sesame paste is marbled with cocoa for a chocolatey flavour. It also contains gypsophila rokejeka or ‘soaproot’ extract – a root that’s traditionally added to give aroma, flavour and ‘lightness’ to the sugar syrup before the tahini is incorporated to make the halva. This cocoa halva has a firm, chewy texture. Turn out the block of halva and slice to serve, or grab a spoon and dig straight in! Also try crumbling the cocoa halva over chocolate, vanilla or coffee ice cream for a unique and chewy topping.

Ingredients: tahini (sesame paste 52%), sugar, cocoa powder (1%), emulsifier (mono and diglycerides), gypsophila rokejeka extract, vanilla flavour, acidity regulator (citric acid). Contains allergens: sesame.


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