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Squid Ink Jar 90g


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Squid ink is used for its natural, black dye, and delicate, briny flavours. In Valencia and Catalonia squid ink is cooked with squid and rice to make the regional dish, arròs negro. A popular dish throughout Spain is squid cooked in its own ink, ‘chipirones en su tinta.’ Once opened, store the jar in the fridge, and use a little squid ink at a time to colour fresh pasta, risottos and paellas. Use sparingly – a little squid ink goes a long way. Use approximately 1g of squid ink with 100g of other ingredients.

Once opened use within 20 days. Ingredients: Cuttlefish ink, water, salt and thickener (E466). Contains molluscs, and may contain traces of crustaceans, fish, celery, milk and sulphur dioxides.


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