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Spinola Pedro Ximenez Vinegar Aged 25 Yrs


Product Description

This spectacular Pedro Ximenez (PX) sherry vinegar is made from the sun-dried white Pedro Ximenez grape, which intensifies the grape’s natural flavours. The vinegar is then aged for a further 25 years in oak barrels, which leads to an incredibly complex vinegar – with sweet, mellow and rounded flavours. The Pedro Ximenez grapes are grown in southern Spain’s ‘Sherry Triangle’ – between Jerez, Sanlúcar de Narrameda and El Puerto – where the coastal breeze, temperate climate and strong sun are perfect for sherry production. The Pedro Ximenez sherry vinegar is made in the family-run Spinola bodega in Southern Spain, and every bottle is individually numbered.

What sets apart the Spinola PX sherry vinegar is the aging process, which takes place in one of the 234 oak wood casks at the bodega – mellowing the sherry vinegar, and introducing complex oak wood notes. The vinegar is bottled direct from the cask. This sherry vinegar makes a beautiful dressing in its own right.

Sometimes called Pedro Ximinez.


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