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Soy Beans


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Soy beans are the pulse used to make soy sauce, miso and tofu – though they’re rarely enjoyed on their own, in their purest form. Soak these dried white soy beans overnight, bring to the boil and then simmer them for up to three hours until they’re cooked through. Remove the skins if desired. Then toss soy beans with a little lemon, oil and herbs for a simple but delicious side dish.

Soy beans are often used as a vegetarian or vegan substitute for meat, thanks to their versatility and also because they’re packed with protein. Cooked soy beans are great in burgers and kofta. If you’re willing to get a little experimental, you could also try making your own soy milk, or even try fermenting the soy beans for South East Asian delicacies like tempeh and natto.


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