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Smoked Asturian Morcilla


Product Description

Morcilla is a Spanish blood sausage much like a black pudding, and has a crumbly texture when cooked. This morcilla from Asturias is oak-smoked for depth of flavour and has a good amount of earthy spice from the paprika. Fry slices of the smoked morcilla with olive oil and enjoy in tapas dishes or as a smoky accompaniment to poached eggs and asparagus for brunch. Also add smoked Asturian morcilla to vegetable stews, such as the region’s famous dish of Fabada Asturiana. The skin can be tough to eat, so we recommend removing it before cooking.

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Ingredients: onion, pumpkin, bacon, pig blood, paprika, salt, parsley. We recommend removing the skin before cooking. Store in a cool, dry place.


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