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Sliced Green Jalapeno Peppers


Product Description

These La Morena slices of green jalapeño chilli peppers in a spicy vinegar sauce are a quick and easy way of introducing some Mexican heat to a dish.

The La Morena sliced green jalapeño peppers have been pickled in a delicious, sesame oil and garlic mixture which adds extra complexity to the jalapeño chillies. The spicy sweet taste is a distinctive, South American flavour which enhances a wide variety of Mexican and Tex Mex dishes. Try adding to dips, salsas and bean salads as well as sneaking a few jalapeños inside a burger or on top of a pizza.

Ingredients: jalapeño peppers, water, carrots, vinegar, onions, soybean oil, iodized salt, garlic, spices. Contains allergens: soya.


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