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Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning – White Pepper Blend


Product Description

The white pepper blend of Slap Ya Mama Cajun seasoning is the great taste of Cajun cooking with a white pepper twist. The white pepper gives a sharper peppery bite than black pepper, and is particularly good with seafood.

Shake the Cajun seasoning with white pepper over popcorn for a hot and spicy snack. Mix with breadcrumbs to make a Cajun crust for white fish, or even use as a hot alternative to salt and pepper on your everyday meals.

Slap Ya Mama certified Cajun seasonings get rave reviews from all over the world. Their secret? Less salt, more spice!

The Slap Ya Mama story began in Ville Platte, Louisiana in 1956. Wilda Marie Fontenot Walker gave birth to Anthony – the creator of this now-famous Cajun seasoning brand. He wanted a proper Cajun seasoning that gave big flavour without being too salty. Whenever Wilda cooks with it, she receives a loving slap on the back – hence ‘Slap Ya Mama’ – and a kiss to thank her for another great Cajun meal. At least, that’s the story the Walker family told curious visitors to their deli!

Ingredients: salt, ed pepper, white pepper, garlic.


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