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Sichuan Preserved Vegetable ‘Zha Cai’


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Sichuan preserved vegetables are a wonderfully knobbly little delicacy from the South Western Chinese province. These Sichuan preserved vegetables, also known as ‘zha cai’ have an enjoyably salty, pickle-like flavour, with a slightly bitter, spinach-green taste. Sichuan preserved vegetables come from the stem of mustard greens, and are traditionally served with dan dan noodles.

For the simplest of dishes, serve finely sliced Sichuan preserved vegetables on top of plain, steamed tofu with a drizzle of soy sauce and sesame oil . The flavours work particularly well with shredded pork, and are a great way to enhance plain tofu or vermicelli noodle dishes.

Ingredients: Chinese radish, chilli powder, salt, spices


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