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Sichuan Pixian Chilli Bean Paste – No MSG


Product Description

Sichuan Pixian chilli bean paste – doubanjiang – is an intensely spicy blend of chillies, and preserved broad beans. This Pixian Chilli Bean Paste is from Pixian in China’s Sichuan province, famed for its chilli bean pastes.

Sichuan chilli bean paste is a regional ingredient, used in Western China’s traditionally tongue-tinglingly, spicy dishes such as mapo dofu or fish fragrant aubergines. This delicious chilli paste makes a great condiment alone with plain rice, is lovely when stirred into noodle broths, and can be used to spice up and enrich a variety of different sauces.

This douban jiang or chilli bean paste is a rich brown colour with a relatively smooth, blended texture. If you prefer your Pixian chilli bean paste with a more intense red colour and chunkier chilli pieces, we also have Pixian Chilli Bean Paste 1kg from the same producer in Pixian, however, that does contain monosodium glutamate and preservatives. Both are extremely spicy!

Ingredients: chilli, broad beans, salt, wheat flour


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