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Sichuan Chilli Oil


Product Description

Sichuan chilli oil is a popular ingredient throughout China, though it originates in the tongue-tingling spicy cuisine of Western China’s Sichuan province. The Sichuan chilli oil makes a great base for hot dipping sauces, served alongside wontons or tempura prawns.

Sichuan chilli oil makes a good substitute for sesame oil when mixing a spicy vinaigrette, or try pan frying green vegetables and strips of beef in the oil to infuse them with warm, chilli notes. Or, simply drizzle a little Sichuan chilli oil over a bowl of hot broth.

A large 950g jar of Sichuan chilli oil is also available.

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil (70%), Chillies (11%), Garlic, Dried Shrimps. Shallots, Sesame Oil, Szechuan Chillies (1.5%), Flavour Enhancer E621. Contains shrimp, sesame & MSG.


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