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Shochikubai Premium Classic Sake


Product Description

Shochikubai Premium Classic sake is an award winning and well-balanced ‘junmai’ style sake, meaning it is made only from rice and koji grains. The name Schochikubai (Sho Chiku Bai) is made from three Chinese characters, plum, pine, and bamboo. These are the three ingredients associated with wealth and happiness.

Shochikubai Premium Classic sake is a crisp and dry sake which makes it a great accompaniment to well seasoned food – like deep fried karaage, or teppanyaki. Shochikubai Premium Classic has a mild and fruity nose. The sake finish is dry, but full, smooth and well balanced in the mouth. This sake is designed to be drunk chilled, at room temperature or warmed up to 40°C, but no more. It’s a drinkable and versatile sake – appreciated by both sake connoisseurs and those new to the rice-based spirit.

Ingredients: Yamada nishiki rice, koji, water, yeast, brewer’s alcohol. 15% alcohol.


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