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Shochikubai Mio Sparkling Sake


Product Description

Shochikubai sparkling sake is a light and delicious sparkling sake, with just 5% ABV – “a new sake for a new age”. The sparkling sake has fruity aromas, with a natural sweetness from brewing rice with water and koji. It has a delicate bubbliness, and light, refreshing finish.

In Japanese, ‘mio’ is the white stream of foam which trails behind ships – a great name for a drink which is really making waves  – and is now even sprayed from the podium by Japanese F1 winners instead of champagne! A bottle of Shochikubai Mio sparkling sake is a delicious aperitif. Sparkling sake is also a celebrate bottle to mark occasion, and a wonderfully unusual present – perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to birthdays and anniversaries.

Ingredients: rice, water, koji


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