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Shirataki Konnyaku Noodle Nests – Knot Yam Noodle


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Knot yam noodles are also known as konnyaku miracle noodles, a variety of shirataki noodles famed for having near-zero calories. The knot yam noodles are one of the most popular ingredients in Chinese hot pot.

Konnyaku noodles come from the roots of the ‘konjac’ plant in the taro family – which are peeled, cooked, pounded, and then pressed into shape. This variety are very similar to glass noodles, but tied with a simple knot into small bunches or nests. You can each the ‘noodle knot’ to turn them back into normal noodles, or use as they are, and enjoy as if they are dumplings.

The Konnyaku miracle noodles have a pleasantly chewy texture, found in lots of Japanese food like mushrooms and tofu. The konnyau noodles don’t have a strong taste, so are best when simmered in a rich stock. They are classically served in Chinese hotpot, or alternatively try them Japanese style, simmering them in ginger, soy, and miso – so the konnyaku noodles can absorb the delicious flavours.

Before cooking with the konnyaku miracle noodles (knot yam noodles), drain away the fluid in the pack, rinse one or two times, then simmer for a couple of minutes until the noodles are heated through.

Ingredients: Water, konnyaku, calcium hydroxide


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