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Shindo Junmai Daiginjo Gokugetsu Sake


Product Description

Serve award-winning Shindo junmai daiginjo gokugetsu well chilled, and enjoy the fresh fruit flavours. The sake has an elegant floral aroma with hints of grape, while the flavour is reminiscent of melon and berries. This light and refreshing sake pairs well with seafood, or enjoy with fresh fruit on a hot day.

The Shindo junmai daiginjo “gasanryu gokugetsu” sake won a silver award at the International Wine Challenge 2015.

Sake Style: Junmai Daiginjo

  • Rice: Dewasansan, milled down to 50%
  • Character: floral aroma with sweet notes
  • Drinking temperature: chilled
  • Food pairing suggestion: sushi/sashimi, grilled white fish, shellfish.
  • Brewery: Shindo Shuzoten, Yamagata Prefecture

Ingredients: water, rice, rice koji.

16.2% ABV. Only available for purchase by over 18s.


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