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Shaoxing Rice Wine – 10 Year Aged


Product Description

Shaoxing rice wine – 10 year aged in a traditional decorative jar makes a special end to a Chinese feast. The superior quality rice wine is best served slightly chilled as a fragrant digestif.

You can also use the rice wine in gourmet Chinese cooking, where you want the flavour of the wine to shine through. ‘Drunken’ dishes use Shaoxing wine as a main ingredient, so opt for a superior quality rice wine such as this for the best flavour.

The Shaoxing rice wine – 10 year aged is Pagoda brand, one of the most well-known Shaoxing wine brands in China. Decorative jars like this are the traditional way to present aged Shaoxing wine as gifts, particularly at special occasions such as weddings.

Ingredients: water, rice, wheat, additive: caramel colour. Contains allergens: gluten (wheat).

14% ABV


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