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Shaoxing 5 Years Hua Tiao Wine


Product Description

Shaoxing 5 years Hua Tiao wine, or Huadiao wine, really shines in Chinese dishes such as drunken chicken or Dongpo pork. The flavour of the Shaoxing wine should be dominant, so it’s important to use a higher quality aged rice wine. Shaoxing 5 years Hua Tiao wine has been fermented and aged for five years to give an earthy depth and a slightly sweeter, cleaner, sharper taste and fruitier aroma than other Shaoxing wines.

You can also drink Shaoxing Hua Tiao wine. Serve at room temperature as an aperitif or with classic salty bar snacks.

Ingredients: water, rice, wheat, caramel E150c. Contains allergens: wheat (gluten). 14.5% ABV


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