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Seaweed Salad – Japanese Kaiso Salad


Product Description

Seaweed salad is a healthy Asian staple. Kaiso salad is a classic Japanese seaweed salad mix, with an appetising blend of textures and colours: red, green yellow and white.

Serve the seaweed salad as a garnish with sushi and sashimi, or dress as a side dish by itself. We love kaiso salad dressed with a quick and simple vinegar-based dressing: mix rice vinegar together with a dash of soy sauce, pinch of sugar and a touch of sesame oil. Add ground sesame seeds to bring extra richness if desired.

To use: Soak the seaweed salad with cold water. Let it sit for approximately 10 minutes until soft. Drain well and add dressing.

One packet contains approximately four to six servings. Ingredients: Seaweed. Product of Korea.


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