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Rose Bean Curd (Preserved Red Beancurd)


Product Description

Preserved rose bean curd is used widely in Chinese marinades and sauces – it gives you the deep scarlet red in Chinese BBQ pork char siu, and colours and flavours braises with a gentle saltiness. Rose bean curd or ‘rose essence fermented tofu’ is very similar to red beancurd – it is made and used in the same way, and has the same deep red colour – but also includes a touch of rose essence for extra flavour.

The preserved rose beancurd is bean curd is far milder than white fermented tofu or beancurd. It is fermented in a brine made from rice wine, salt water and monascus red rice, a deep red yeast that colours the liquid. Over time, the breakdown of proteins softens the bean curd and develops intense umami pungency – praised in stir-fries and braised vegetable dishes. The red yeast also gives the red colour to char sui roast meat, king prawns or even fish.

WZH is one of China’s leading bean curd brands.

Refrigerate after opening and use within a few days. Ingredients: Soy bean 30%, salt, wine, sugar, red kojic rice, water, ehat flour, rose with sugar (4%), spice, firming agent E511, anti-foaming agent (E435, E491, E900). Contains soy & gluten.


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