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Refried Bayo Beans With Chipotle And Adobo


Product Description

This authentic La Morena Mexican sauce of refried bayo beans with chipotle and adobo makes a delicious filling for burritos and enchiladas. The La Morena, homemade-style variety uses quality ingredients – a bayo bean base, with the chipotle chillies, giving it more smoky notes than normal refried bean sauces.

Try using this refried bayo bean sauce with chipotle and adobo to accompany grilled meat. Or use it as a traditional topping for savoury Mexican sopes as well as burritos and enchiladas.

Ingredients: Bayo beans, water, tomato sauce (tomato, water, vinegar, iodized salt, sugar, spices), soybean oil, onion, iodized salt, chipotle pepper


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