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Red Star Erguotou Baijiu


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Red Star erguotou baijiu is one of the most popular drinks in Beijing. Often called ‘Chinese firewater’, baijiu is a strong spirit brewed from sorghum and barley.

‘Erguotou’ means ‘second distillation’ and refers to the manufacturing process. The sorghum and other grains are ground, boiled and distilled. This first distillation is usually 70% ABV or stronger and is discarded. The process is repeated with the same sorghum and grain mixture and this distillation is aged and bottled.

The final drink is very clean tasting, but still very strong! Baijiu is predominantly a social drink – share with friends and family at the end of dinner parties and other celebrations.

Red Star brewery is a Beijing institution. It was established in 1949 and is known as a laozihao, or ‘old trademark’. It was the very first brewery created by the Chinese Central Tax Office, intended to make baijiu affordable to all. The founding of Red Star is closely linked with the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and Red Star itself became something of a revolutionary icon.

56% ABV. Only Available for Purchase by Over 18s – Alcohol.

Ingredients: sorghum, water, barley, peas. Contains allergens: gluten (barley)


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