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Punjabi Poppadoms


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Punjabi poppadoms are lentil wafers, made from ground urid dal, and flavoured, in traditional Punjabi style, with cracked black peppercorns, which give a distinctive fiery and aromatic note. Crisp-textured poppadoms are a hugely popular snack, often served as a pre-meal appetiser with drinks such as refreshing lager or gin and tonic.

These tasty poppadoms simply require grilling in order to cook them, making them quick and easy to prepare and also a healthier option than the deep-fried poppadoms usually served in Indian restaurants.

Preheat the grill, place a few poppadoms spaced well apart on a grill tray or baking sheet and place under the hot grill. As they heat up, the wafers quickly bubble and expand, crisping up. Watch them like a hawk so as to avoid burning, using tongs to turn them over and remove them once they’re cooked. Serve with chutneys, pickles and refreshing yogurt dips.

Ingredients: Urid flour (86%), black pepper, salt, asafoetida, sodium bicarbonate, vegetable oil and spices.


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