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Prik Chee Fah Chilli 1kg – Short Dated


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Prik chee fah is a Thai chilli pepper used to add a fiery heat to many Thai dishes. The name literally means ‘pointing to the sky’. The chilli pods grow pointing up, sticking above the leaves to reach the sun.

Prik chee fah is considered the sweetest of Thai chillies – but should still be approached with caution! It measures around 30,000 on the Scoville scale. To add the authentic, tongue-tingling heat of Thai dishes, grind the dried pods in a pestle & mortar before adding to Thai-style sauces.

One of the most popular dishes that uses prik chee fah is called ‘Crying Tiger Beef’. The story goes that this dish is so good it would make a tiger cry – but the chilli might bring a tear to your eye, too! Or finely chop prik chee fah chillies and fry off with garlic, shallots and palm sugar for a hot and sweet Thai chilli sauce.

This 1kg bag is ideal for catering purposes. A smaller 60g pack of prik chee fah chilli is also available.

Ingredients: prik chee fah chilli.


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