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Pommery Sherry Vinegar


Product Description

Pommery sherry vinegar is a rich, aromatic vinegar that lifts almost any dish. The sherry vinegar is made in the Jerez region of Spain, and specially selected by Moutarde de Meaux for their range of Pommery vinegars.

Use Pommery sherry vinegar to deglaze pans or in meat marinades. Add a splash to a cream sauce for chicken or lobster. The sherry vinegar is a great partner for artichokes, and use alongside walnut oil for a stunning salad dressing.

Moutarde de Meaux are perhaps best known for their award-winning and world-famous Pommery mustards. They’ve also been producing vinegar since 1865, with the same care and passion for great flavour. Just like their mustards, Pommery vinegars come in traditional stoneware bottles with a natural cork stopper and wax seal.

How to Open

This bottle is stoppered with cork and sealed with wax in the traditional way. To open the bottle, use the back of a rounded butter knife to break the edges of the wax until only a circle is left in the middle. Use a stiff bristle brush to clear away any wax fragments so they don’t fall in the vinegar when you open it. Carefully insert the blade of the knife under the seal and run the knife around to separate the wax from the rim of the bottle. Then lever the cork stopper out.

Ingredients: sherry wine vinegar (7% acidity). Contains sulphites.


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