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Pommery Espelette Pepper Mustard


Product Description

Pommery Espelette pepper mustard is a nutty wholegrain mustard with the distinctive hot flavour of Espelette pepper. Serve with any grilled meat at the table, or use to coat steaks or chicken breasts just before cooking.

Espelette pepper is from the Basque region of France. It is the defining flavour of traditional Basque dishes like piperade fish stew, and also of Bayonne cured ham. It’s a mildly hot chilli pepper with a sweet-smoky flavour.

Moutarde de Meaux are regarded as one of the world’s great moutardiers. Their award-winning Pommery mustards are a favourite of professional chefs. All of their mustards are packed in traditional stoneware jars. These jars help to preserve the mustards’ characteristic pungency, so they taste fresher for longer.

Pommery mustard is made in Meaux, a cathedral town 60km west of Paris. The town has a long history of mustard production, spanning over one thousand years. It began in 771 AD, when Charlemagne decreed that canons and monks in cathedral towns like Meaux should cultivate mustard.

Meaux was also a centre for the quarrying of millstones, which brought many craftsmen to the area. In 1760, a dignitary of the Meaux cathedral chapter passed on the canons’ secret mustard recipe to a stonecutter. The stonecutter was called J. B. Pommery, and the recipe is still used by Moutarde de Meaux to make their famous Pommery mustard today.

Ingredients: water, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, pimento from Espelette (3%), spices. Contains allergens: mustard.


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