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Pekmez Grape Molasses – Boiled Grape Juice


Product Description

Pekmez grape molasses is a traditional Turkish syrup that’s often mixed with tahini to make a sweet dip or spread – this is a staple part of a Turkish breakfast enjoyed with fresh, crusty bread. It is made from grape juice that has been boiled to make a thick, molasses-like syrup. Use grape molasses as a natural sweetener in baking, or drizzle over ice cream as an alternative to sugar syrups. Another traditional use for the grape molasses is to coat walnuts and hang them from strings to dry – this is a treat called cevizli sucuk or ‘sausage with walnuts’, as the finished result looks like a dried sausage. Pekmez grape molasses is also a great source of iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Ingredients: grapes.


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