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Pasilla Chilli Powder 1kg


Product Description

Pasilla chilli powder is made from very dark green, dried chilaca peppers that are used in Latin American and Spanish cuisine.

Literally translating as ‘little raisin’, mild pasilla has grape-like, liquorice flavours and a medium-low hotness. Pasilla chillies are traditionally used in Mexican mole and enchilada sauces or meat marinades.

Pasilla chilli powder is an easy way to add mild chilli heat and fruity flavours to sauces, salad dressings and stews. It also makes a great seasoning for savoury popcorn or homemade vegetable crisps.

This 1kg bag is ideal for catering purposes. A smaller 60g pot of pasilla chilli powder is also available.

Ingredients: pasilla chilli.


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