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Ozeki Karatamba Sake


Product Description

Ozeki Karatamba sake is a premium sake, and the finest brewed by one of Japan’s best known sake producers Ozeki. This sake is the ‘masterpiece’ of their sake stable, winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award three years in a row. Ozeki Karatamba sake is smooth and dry, with a light body. It is not too rich, so delightful to drink throughout the meal and really highlights the taste of the food. A beautiful drinking sake.

Sake is a Japanese wine made from fermented rice. This style of sake would usually be served chilled between 5-10°C, or gently warmed as ‘kansake’ to 40-46°C in a small carafe (‘tokkuri’). Producer Ozeki has been brewing sake since 1711 in Hyogo, central Japan, one of the most famous sake regions in Japan.

Sake Style: Honjozo

Honjozo sakes have two characteristics: a rice polishing rate of 70%, and a tiny amount of alcohol added after fermentation. Polishing rate is how much rice and outer rice bran is polished away during the milling process. The higher the polishing rate, the more intense the rice flavours in the sake. The added alcohol highlights and lift other flavours and aromas in the sake. This makes a lighter and more fragrant – though not more alcoholic – drink, perfect for drinking throughout the meal.

Contains alcohol. Only available for purchase by over 18s. Ingredients: Water, rice, rice koji, alcohol. Alcohol 15.4% vol. 


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