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Ozeki Junmai Sake


Product Description

Ozeki Junmai sake is a premium sake, brewed by one of Japan’s best known sake producers Ozeki. Ozeki Junmai sake is smooth and dry, with a light body and refreshing fruitiness. It is a perfect introduction to sake. The sake is ideal served with chicken, light Asian dishes, sashimi and sushi. Or pour over fresh or grilled oysters to add flavour.

Sake is a Japanese wine made from fermented rice. This style of sake is best served chilled between 5-10°C, or gently warmed as ‘kansake’ to 40-46°C in a small carafe (‘tokkuri’). Producer Ozeki has been brewing sake since 1711 in Hyogo, central Japan. This Ozeki Junmai sake was one of their first sakes to be brewed in California in the USA, from 1979.

Sake Style: Junmai

Junmai sakes are characterised by their rice polishing rate of 70%. The polishing rate is how much rice and outer rice bran is polished away during the milling process. The higher the polishing rate, the more intense the rice flavours in the sake. Junmai sakes are famed as flavoursome and characterful sakes which make excellent companions to food.

Contains alcohol. Only available for purchase by over 18s. Alcohol 14.5%


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