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Ortiz Bonito Tuna


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Bonito del norte is a white fish with an exquisite flavour and delicate texture. Bonito is often compared to tuna fish but unlike the rest of their species bonito del norte is famed for its rich flavour, soft texture and light colour.

This bonito is preserved in olive oil and is popular all over Spain, especially in the Basque Country. Try making a  typical tapa or ‘pintxo’ from Northern Spain – stuff piquillo peppers with bonito mixed with a little mayonnaise, raw white onion finely diced and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Bonito makes a great addition to salads or flaked on a piece of toast.

Ortiz’s bonito, also known as white tuna are individually line caught with live bait or fly during the coastal fishing season.  This age-old technique of selective fishing avoids unwanted fish being discarded, respecting the environment and protecting marine reserves.

Ingredients: Bonito del norte, olive oil, sea salt


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