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Organic Culinary Matcha Green Tea Powder


Product Description

Matcha green tea powder is a much-sought after powdered green tea from Japan, which is used to to impart a green colour and dusky, sweet vegetal flavours. The tea leaves are cultivated in the shade, dried flat in the sun, pulled off the leaf skeleton and then slowly and carefully ground into a fine, green powder. This huge bag of organic Japanese matcha green tea powder is resealable so you can use it in recipes again and again.

Lalani & Co’s fabulous culinary grade organic green tea powder has been carefully selected for chefs, and is ideal for making traditional Japanese recipes to make matcha-soba noodles, flavour mochi and ice cream. Matcha powder is increasingly featured in Western recipes – this matcha green tea powder is wonderful in ice creams, biscuits, sponges, smoothies, macarons and even lattes.


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