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Olives et Al Egyptian Dukkah


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Olives et Al Egyptian dukkah is a nutty, savoury spice blend that livens up salads and roasted vegetables. In Egypt, it’s commonly served in a dish for people to dip olive oil-soaked bread into as a starter.

Dukkah is a traditional Egyptian spice blend of roasted nuts and mixed spices. Almonds, hazelnuts, coriander and cumin are found in nearly every dukkah blend, but each family will have their own secret recipe. This recipe is inspired by a blend that the Olives et Al founders tasted while on a trip to Egypt.

A sprinkle of Egyptian dukkah puts a new twist on hummus and plain yoghurt dips. Rub it into lamb or chicken before roasting, or scatter over roasted vegetables and potatoes. It’s also a great crunchy salad topper, or stir through cooked rice for an easy side dish.

Ingredients: sesame seeds (36%), mixed spices (coriander, cumin) (29%), mixed nuts (almonds [12%], hazelnuts [12%]), salt, garlic, thyme, black pepper. Contains allergens: sesame, nuts.


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